"Language of Love"  Parenting Workshop (Parents)


Want to know the secret to making sure your spouse or child feels loved?


          Love is the fundamental building block of all human relationships. Every one of us has an emotional tank that needs to be filled up with unconditional love.


          Your love ones, like our spouse and children, desperately need to know how much you love them. Therefore you need to know their special, “love language” to meet their deepest emotional needs.


          For a child, when they really feel loved, they will develop normally and to their potential. Much of the misbehaviour of children is motivated by the cravings of an empty love tank. Love is the important ingredient in one’s search for meaning. Lack of love from parents often motivates their children to go searching for love in other relationships. This search is often misguided and leads to further disappointment. Love is a choice we make every day. Therefore make a choice today. 


Learning outcomes for parents

At the end of the workshop, participants should

  • know the 5 different ways to communicate love effectively.

  • discover theirs and their family members primary language of love through an assessment.

  • be equipped with practical steps to foster loving relationships in the family. 



  • 1 session of 1.5 hour



Come and discover for yourself 5 different ways to communicate love effectively to your love ones!

Parents making a heart shape card to write a love note for their family.

Parents were enlightened about the 5 different languages of love that they can show to their children and spouse. They were equipped with practical parenting tips too.

Parents doing a profile to find out their primary language of love.