"Character development, founded on values, together with the development of social-emotional competencies, life skills and other 21st century competencies will give our students a strong foundation to succeed in life and to contribute to our nation."

Speech by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education on 28 May 2012

Character SMART

Programme Features


Why Choose Character SMART

As parents it is important to develop your children holistically and to nurture their cognitive, social and emotional skills. These will result in building up their self-confidence and help them to live a successful life. Character SMART Program aims to build your children’s character, social skills, life skills, self-management skills, Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Love Quotient (LQ), through our play based learning, like games, creative drama, role-play, puppetry, show & tell, music & movement, art & craft, story-telling and multi-media stimulation. Your children will also acquire critical and creative thinking skills that will help them better tackle everyday life challenges and be able to express their feelings and relate to others with love and respect. 

Learning outcomes


At the end of the course, children should

  • have participated in variety of art experiences like process drama, music & movement, role play and handicraft and others

  • acquire problem solving techniques in real life situations

  • acquire critical and creative thinking in problem-solving

  • be comfortable, confident and happy with self and others

  • be able to express their feelings and relate to others with love and respect

  • have developed positive character traits, healthy habits, life skills, soft skills and social skills

  • know what is right and what is wrong, and choose to do the right thing

  • love their families, friends, teachers and school


Our Curriculum


We have Curriculum A & B that covers over 80 topics which are categorized in 5 modules. They are Love, Self-Management Skills, Life Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Well-Being Development Skills. We have differentiated lesson plans for nursery & kindergarten and we teach the curriculum A & B in alternate years. Thus your children can follow through the program from nursery 2 to kindergarten 2.

Themes Outline :

The following are the four modules which children acquire character traits, positive life values, and skills:


1. Module One: Love

2. Module Two: Self-Management Skills Development

3. Module Three: Social Skills Development

4. Module Four: Emotional Well-being Development

5. Module Five: Life Skills



Details of programme:

  • 8 lessons per term for kindergarten. 4 lessons a month for Child care Centres.

  • 1 hour each lesson for preschoolers.

  • Program can customized for primary schools.

  • After every lesson, children will be given a card with the input of declaration phrase and the life challenges for the week. Parents are encouraged to reinforce the values learnt and motivate the child to participate in the life challenges given.

  • Agape engaged trainers that speak the language of love.



Schools with Agape: