Student Supervisory Program


Grade 1 -12

American High School Diploma

Our Suprervisory Program   


  Agape provides the services of a well-structured student supervision and an environment for learning and growing to students who subscribed to Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) curriculum. This is a well-known and accredited American curriculum that enables students to earn the American High School Diploma with Liberty University Online Academy.


Both curriculums offer:

  • A solid, back-to-basics education for their children.

  • A course of study individualized to meet a child’s specific needs and learning capabilities.

  • A mastery based learning that allows each student to master each fundamental tool before proceeding to new material to build their understanding and confidence.

  • A program incorporating Godly character-building and wisdom principles.

  • A curriculum using advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today’s high-tech climate.


  Other than the well-structured student supervision to ensure the students fulfil their academic goals, Agape also provide supplementary activities, training and enrichment programmes to ensure holistic development. Students will participate in Physical Education, weekly Chapel service, field trips and modular programmes, like Character Art & Drama, Computer Literacy, Art, Music, Food & Nutrition and other programmes, to train every student spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally; and to enhance the students’ development of the fruit of the spirit, life skills and other 21st century competencies.


  Agape provides the service of ordering the curriculum on behalf of the student and provide supervisory duties. With the supervisory duties, Agape Supervisors will maintain constant updates with the parents of the students’ progress through Parents Fellowship & progress reports. The services provided by Agape does not require us to be registered with Ministry of Education of Singapore or Council of Private Education as Agape do not issue gradation certification or prepare children for examinations.



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